Advantages & Disadvantages to a Reverse Mortgage

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A reverse mortgage is a special loan for homeowners 55 +, that lets them borrow against the value of their home, without having to sell their home. Unlike a typical home equity loan, reverse mortgages do not have to be repaid during the life of the homeowner, thereby protecting a homeowner from the possibility of foreclosure. The […]

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Home Renovation Mortgage

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When dreaming of a home renovation, visions of new cabinets, counter tops and appliances are often the first things that come to mind. Maintaining your property and undertaking smart renovations not only improve the utility and value of your property, they can also protect the value in a declining market or make it easier to […]

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Raw Land – Purchasing, Financing & Developing

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Purchasing raw land is considered a long-term, illiquid investment. Even if you begin developing it immediately, it may take a long time before you reap any profits. Selling it fast is usually not an option. What will you do with the land once it’s yours? Do you want to raise cattle? Build your dream home? […]

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Alberta Labour Market & Economy- January 2018

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Alberta Œ Employment jumps to a new high. Alberta added 26,300 jobs in December, the largest monthly gain since June 2011. Employment increased for the third month in a row, surpassing the pre-recession peak. The number of active rigs in Alberta averaged 155 in December, up 2.9% y/y. The average rig utilization rate was 30% […]

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