As Equity Lenders and Mortgage Brokers, Canada West Mortgage is primarily concerned with the value of the real estate that is securing its loan. As such, ALL property types and situations will be considered, even if your credit is bruised.

If you have bad credit, or no credit, you can still secure mortgage financing. We lend in Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

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Canada West Mortgage will take you through the process, and can improve your chances of obtaining the mortgage you need to meet your goals, using one of our many Bank Lending or Alternative Lending partners.

Some common situations are outlined below –

-Cash for Home Renovations
-Consolidate high-interest debt
-2nd Mortgage requirements
-Arrears on current mortgage
-Current or prior Bankruptcy
-Current or prior Foreclosure
-Self-Employed, but haven’t been for long
-Self-Employed with credit issues
-Credit issues in general – Accounts in collections
-No established credit at all!
-Income taxes or Property taxes owing
-Too much credit card debt outstanding

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